Sanbornton Historical Document Foundation

Preserving Sanbornton's History For The Future

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Moses T. Runnels wrote our most requested book.

Foundation History

The Foundation was established in 1999 in order to provide for the dissemination of information about the community of Sanbornton, New Hampshire, as reflected in its documents, historical and contemporary. The intent was that its citizens would have a full and accurate context in which to judge government and social issues. The Foundation’s activities envisioned a large and comprehensive approach to include in its collection documents, books, maps, pictures, genealogies, prints, oral histories and any other available information deemed suitable.
The Foundation has focused and limited its efforts on the main concern: digitally gathering the historical documents of the Town, and particularly those at risk. The Foundation website is arranged in a manner suitable for the ease of finding information and the widest possible distribution. The Foundation looks to have a collaborative function with other Town entities, both public and private, and in particular with and to the Sanbornton Town Library and the Sanbornton Historical Society.